Nicholas Houghton Archive of art works - list

List of most early works

Eventful Event
Young Contemporaries, Royal Academy of Arts, London November 1970

Die Geld-Zerstorungs-Aktion
In association with Gallery René Block, Berlin 3rd July 1971

[God was torn up]

Bed-Time-Story-Event Art Spectrum London 11th – 30th August, 1971

[‘Everyone who attends is requested to participate by lying on the beds provided.’]

Is this an art event? London. 20th November, 1971

[Many said it was.]

Return to Sender: 90 dead doves delivered to the Tate Gallery
London 26th October, 1971

[I delivered 90 dead doves to the Tate Gallery, London, the day after the Tate had released 90 doves to mark Picasso’s 90th birthday]

Artful Murder competition
London, Cologne, Graz Spring 1972

Ready Made Words
CCB Gallery, London 28th March – 30th April, 1972

Time Against Money
NSCAD, Halifax, NS, Canada Autumn 1972

Mezzanine Gallery, Halifax, NS, Canada 20th – 24th November, 1972

Everything Tangible that is Eternal
Self-published artist’s book 1972  

Linguistic Orchestra
NSCAD, Halifax, NS, Canada Autumn 1972

[words getting around]

Campaign for Nucear War 12th – 23rd February, 1973

[Blow us up – it’s logical]

Open festival of Theatre, Leuven, Belgium 26th – 30th March 1973

[Sorry you don’t exist. I am the only person in the world.]

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